Alongside my FX makeup work, I work as a costume artist in which I specialise in art-finishing. I do a range of custom commissions for both international and private clients as well as personal projects.

Davy Jones: 2017 scholarship entry


This costume is my third entry for Cinema Makeup School's Next Level Of Cosplay scholarship.

All the details on how I created the prosthetics are on the Prosthetics/FX Makeup tab of this website.


The claw is made from garden wire and papier mache and can be opened and closed. It also has sand detail for the gritty effect.

The hat was a cheap costume tricorn hat which I stripped, reshaped, painted with PVA glue, repainted and hand-stitched gold trim.

The coat was a German real non-issue dress military jacket and I hand-stitched a lot of gold ribbon embellishments, cuffs, pockets and anchor buttons.

The heart is a lucky £2 find from a novelty shop, a human heart shaped stress ball that I had to heavily repaint.

The sword is a repainted child’s toy and the staff is made from an old broom pole with papier mache crepe paper. The rest of the outfit is all from thrift shops, which were dyed with a mix of fabric dye and coffee. The whole outfit was weathered using a cheese grater and blunt knives and scissors. The boots had pleather cuffs added to them.

The entire costume is glued with over 700 individual seashells, most of which we found on my local beach and some of which I actually salvaged from eating mussels for dinner (these were all bleached and washed thoroughly). I also added real sand, pond netting and seaweed made individually from strips of stretched trash bag.

The only thing I had to decide against making was the character’s peg leg. I felt it would it would be risking serious injury to try and support myself on a fake leg whilst strapping up my real leg. I intend to wear this costume to events so it needs to be fully practical.

The whole makeup is fully self-applied using Snappy G glue and bondo. I used a small balloon glued to the back of my neck to achieve that strange swelling that the original character has on the back of his head. The whole makeup was covered in KY jelly for the finished wet look.

I am currently making an entire new costume of this for a private client.

Watch the video entry HERE.

Groot - 2016 scholarship entry


This costume is my second entry for Cinema Makeup School's Next Level Of Cosplay scholarship.

This is my first time doing a cowl and face makeup and I found it a real challenge making the sculpts both match up for a smooth blend of pieces when they were ran in foam latex.


Clear plastic ball halves were used for the eyes to highlight the character's recognisable facial expressions. The mouth moves with my own with easy articulation.


The 30+ panels of bark are all handmade from 10 square metres of EVA foam and 30m of foam tubing. Each individual panel was created with the human anatomy in mind and were labelled accordingly ie: scapula left, pectoralis major right etc. All of them were hand-carved, sealed with several layers of PVA, hand-painted and embellished with rehydrated tank foliage and green grass flock. These are all applied to a lycra undersuit with hand-stitched velcro. The feet are made from insulation tubing and 3 inch platform shoes, making this stand at 6 feet tall.

Watch the video entry HERE.


Abe Sapien: 2015 scholarship entry

This costume is my entry for Cinema Makeup School's Next Level Of Cosplay scholarship 2015.


The face piece was sculpted with Monster clay on a fibreglass lifecast of myself, and then brushed on with a fibreglass shell to create the mould, and then ran in foam latex. The bald cap was handmade and both pieces were painted by hand and then blended together before application to make self application easier.

The eyes were made from the packaging of a Terrys Chocolate Orange and inserted last during application. I later made a set of more practical eyes with the irises cut out and covered with thin black lycra.


The whole costume is made from household materials; the neck brace is made from a yoga mat and a chinese paper lantern, the breathing tube is made from insulation pipes, hamster tubes, bottles, LED torches, door hooks and blue cellophane, and it has water inside and can be illuminated. The bodysuit and accessories are modified with craft foam, bottle caps and 3D paint.

Watch the video entry HERE.

Under the Sea Parade: Scarlett Entertainment

I was personally contacted by the CEO of global entertainment company Scarlett Entertainment to come work for them on-site as a costume designer. My work included designing the costumes from scratch, working as a team with highly-experienced costumiers, and being innovative with design and budget. The work is often very fast-paced, high pressure and to very tight deadlines. For this Under The Sea parade, it was made custom for a private client which we then took to Texas for the private event in question, and I traveled with the team as costume technician, performer and makeup artist.

I primarily designed the costumes below, my main work includes the crowns of the King and Queen, the tentacles and art finishing on the Queen's dress, the trident, the art finishing of the Jellyfish costumes and the headpieces of the sea nymphs. The rest is through combined and solo efforts of the three person costume team I was part of. The makeup work you see below is a mix of my own makeup design as well as a bodypainter who assisted me on the shoot.

Mystique: Personal cosplay

This is a bodysuit handpainted with a mix of liquid latex and metallic paint. The wig is modified.

Makeup is handpainted self applied liquid latex with a mix of beauty makeup with contact lenses.

Princess Ruto: Personal cosplay

This was made in 3 weeks and consists of my first homemade prosthetic piece, and is all self applied.


The head was sculpted with Le Beau Touche, moulded in silicone and plaster, and cast with latex skin and soft filling.

The ears are generic latex ear tips with paper leaves glued on. Earrings are painted curtain pins. 


Everything was painted with my airbrush using acrylic inks. 

Head was applied using latex and Snappy G, and finished off with beauty makeup.

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