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Address: Plymouth, Devon, UK

E-mail: bluegirlfx@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thebluegirl

Professional Information


Lexi is a trainee special effects painter, makeup and costume artist. Starting as a graduate from Plymouth University with a BA Hons 2:1 degree in Media Arts, she has completed the critically acclaimed Neill Gorton 7 week Makeup and Prosthetics course at Millennium FX Studios, and has worked at Millennium FX Redruth under the direction of Neill Gorton. She has worked on blockbuster film ‘The Last Face’ under the direction of Sean Penn and award-winning prosthetics artist Clinton Aiden Smith in Cape Town, South Africa. She has also worked with BGFX in workshop and on set for 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 under direction of Emmy Award- winning Barrie Gower. Most recently she was privately sponsored to attend Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles.

For two years she worked at The Sculpture School under the direction of critically acclaimed figurative realist sculptor Andrew Sinclair ARBS, where she assisted with the teaching of anatomy and figurative sculpture as well as assisted on international commissions. She was a key designer and assistant editor for Andrew Sinclair's published educational groundbreaking book "The Art Of Earth and Fire". Consequently she has an extensive knowledge of human surface anatomy and sculptural construction.


Lexi entered Cinema Makeup School's scholarship competition 'Next Level Of Cosplay 2015' with a self-applied rendition of the character 'Abe Sapien' from the series 'Hellboy', which was mainly created with household materials at home. She placed third in the competition after having her work considered by judges in Los Angeles including Howard Berger and Matt Winston.

She then entered the following year's 'Next Level Of Cosplay 2016' with a self-applied rendition of the character 'Groot' from the movie 'Guardians Of the Galaxy' which was her first cowl and face combination makeup and she again went to place in the five finalists.

In August 2016 she applied for Rick Baker's Legends of Creature Design with her 'Teuthida' design and was fortunate to be chosen as one of the six finalists. Rick Baker was originally only meant to choose five but deigned that six were too worthy of note. As a result, Lexi's work has been viewed and acclaimed by Rick Baker.

She applied for Cinema Makeup School's Next Level Of Cosplay scholarship 2017 with a self-applied and fully homemade rendition of Davy Jones from Pirates Of The Caribbean, a creation that involves over 700 individually applied shells and over 20 fully poseable tentacle prosthetics. She gained a huge viral following on social media as a result and after placing in the final five again, she was emailed by a private contact who praised her for her hard work, dedication and maintaining grace in the face of repeated adversity over the last 3 years. A quote from the email reads:

"Lexi Gilbert has to be the most motivated, driven, and passionate person I have ever known and I have never even met her. She has applied every year without ever once complaining when she loses. She in fact is more motivated the next year to do better. And her work shows it! Her work is outstanding and is insane, especially for mostly learning on her own. She has a real gift. She wants to attend this school so badly. You can be the best artist out there, but it is your determination, attitude, and drive that gets you the jobs and makes you successful. I don't know anyone else that fits those qualities more".

The contact in question then offered to privately sponsor Lexi for a month's worth of classes at Cinema Makeup School. As a result she will be attending the school in central Hollywood for the 'Character Makeup' course and the 'Advanced Lab Techniques' class in February 2018-May 2018.

Global entertainment company Scarlett Entertainment talent-spotted her after her Davy Jones creation went viral on social media, and she created costumes for their company acts, and her work was sent to international shows and clients including Texas and Saudi Arabia.

Currently she works as a freelance FX makeup and costume artist for private clients, running a commission service online.

Lexi enjoys sculpting, creating costumes and especially painting. She enjoys challenges of creating with almost any medium and material and loves to set herself projects. She assists with amateur dramatics productions in her spare time and is regularly invited to classrooms and conventions to give motivational and industry advice talks to large audiences on-stage. She also volunteers regularly at events such as London IMATS and The Prosthetics Event working alongside Steve Johnson and Tate Steinsiek of 'Face Off' fame.


Lexi is looking to immerse herself in the entertainment production industry with an emphasis on constantly learning and is excited for the future and any opportunities it may bring.



  • Airbrush painting

  • Hair punching: Crepe wool, Synthetic, Human.

  • Facial hair application

  • Out-of-kit: ageing, trauma/injuries, bald caps,

  • Silicone painting

  • Foam latex painting

  • Art finishing

  • Costume construction

  • Prop construction

  • Sculpting: oil-based, WED & wet.

  • Casting: foam latex, latex + polyfoam, silicone & gelatin.

  • Moulding: silicone, fibreglass epoxy, fast-cast resin & plaster.

  • Lifecasting: silicone & alginate.

  • Application: gelatin, latex, silicone & foam latex.

  • Flocking

  • Seaming: silicone & foam latex.

  • Basic computer skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Final Cut Pro



2010 - present

2010 - present

Work experience


Scarlett Entertainment

June 2017 - September 2017

After my Davy Jones creation went hugely viral on social media, I was contacted by CEO of global entertainment company Scarlett Entertainment who personally requested I come work for them as a on-site costume and makeup artist. In the space of 3 months I have helped produce nearly 30 individual costumes to very tight deadlines with challenging technical requirements. I have traveled to international private events on behalf of the company as a costume technician and makeup artist. It has solidified my expertise in working as a costume artist and I now receive regular correspondence from private clients requesting my work for custom commissions.

The Sculpture School

June 2015 - June 2017

I worked for Andrew Sinclair ARBS at The Sculpture School, where I assisted on courses, worked as secretary and social media artist, and workshop assistance. Throughout my time with Andrew I learned vital wet clay sculpture skills as well as mould-making skills. I also heavily assisted on the production of Andrews's first educational book 'The Art of Earth and Fire' and as a result of this and my long time there, I have taken away a comprehensive understanding of human surface anatomy including anatomical latin translations and the complex relationships of muscles and skeleton.

Realm Pictures: 'Missing Mrs Claus' short film - Beard application

December 2014

I was asked to come help volunteer on a short Christmas film being made by local successful indie filmmakers Realm Pictures. My main role was to apply and remove the beard for our main actor playing Santa Claus, but I also played other roles in set dressing, costume and transport. It was my first ever beard application and came out very well. Everyone who worked on the production was voluntary. See the film here and behind the scenes here.

HBO: 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 - BGFX - Set building + On Set Trainee

October 2014 - November 2014

I was hired by Emmy Award-winning Barrie Gower of BGFX to first assist in his workshop in Dartford on set building/misc workshop assisting for 3 weeks. Under supervision and tutelage of long-time successful prosthetic artist Adrian Rigby, I painted 100 of the 600 faces created for the 'Hall Of Faces' set. I was then kept on as a trainee for Barrie's prosthetics team working on the 'Hardhome' set of Game Of Thrones in Belfast. During my time on set I was praised for my hard work where I assisted a large team of prosthetics artists working between hours of 2am to 6pm for over 2 weeks in which we did the prosthetic makeups for 80 stunt performers and some of the extras for the long battle sequence that takes place on the 'Hardhome' set. I executed my first on-set application work during this time with good success and was also on the set where I helped with touch ups in between takes. The episode of 'Hardhome' has since been nominated for an Emmy.

FEATURE FILM: 'The Last Face' - Cosmesis Workshop - Workshop assistant

August 2014 - September 2014

I was hired by Clinton Aiden Smith of internationally successful prosthetics workshop Cosmesis in Cape Town, South Africa. I went to South Africa immediately upon request, and worked as a workshop assistant for the prosthetics team working on the upcoming film directed by Sean Penn, 'The Last Face'. This was my first experience working on a feature film production, which involved long hours, unpredictable schedule changes and fast paced demands whilst working on a wide range of processes. It was an invaluable learning experience as well as an incredible first film opportunity. See film on IMDB here.

Millennium FX - Workshop assistant/IMATS 2014

June 2014

I was asked to come work for Neill Gorton's Millennium FX studio in Redruth to assist with the workload leading up to IMATS 2014. This consisted of three weeks work in which I assisted with general workshop duties such as mould-making and silicone running as well as other general help with costume and design with the manager of Gorton Studio Falmouth Danny Marie Elias. The work I assisted with was a a mix of production, retail and IMATS projects under Neill Gorton's direction. 


Short film - 'Visiting Hour'

​May 2013

I was recommended by my University course to MA graduate Jojo Moreschi. I worked with a full crew on location for 4 days. I did 'sick/dying' makeup on one actor, and made eyeballs for a prop. See behind the scenes.


Anna Kompaniets/Anjali Chawda - Modelling/Beauty Makeup

April 2013

Fellow Media Arts graduate Sarah Bowman collaborated with talented innovative designer Anna Kompaniets to produce modelling photography of her clothing. I did the makeup on the model in the distinctive style of the designer Anna Kompaniets. Model Anjali Chawda now uses the photographs as part of her modelling portfolio.


Ghost Show - Kents Cavern

​June 2012 - September 2012

I was hired as one of the performers in a popular production that ran 3-4 days a week in tourist attraction Kents Cavern prehistoric caves. During this production I did theatrical horror makeup for the performance. The Ghost Show boasted of its most successful summer thus far during my time there.

Cinema Makeup School (TBC)

Character Makeup (February 2018 - March 2018)


Advanced Lab Techniques (March 2018 - April 2018)

The Sculpture School

Figurative Sculpture (July 2015)


SFX 5 Day Boot Camp (August 2015)


Face, Hands and Feet (June 2015)


Gorton Studio

Make-up FX and Prosthetics Creation (Feburary 2014 - March 2014)


University of Plymouth

BA (Hons) Media Arts - 2:1 (2010 - 2013)


South Devon College

Creative Media Extended Diploma Level 3 - Distinction (2008 - 2010)



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