Here are some key examples of my favourite work.
Teuthida: Foam latex face + 4 foam latex tentacles

This was my final project on the 7 week Neill Gorton Makeup & Prosthetics Creation course.


I sculpted a face piece onto a fibrelgass lifecast from oil-based clay and sculpted a tentacle from WED clay. When sculpting the pieces I used a template system in which the back of the face piece had four flat touchdowns sculpted using a template which was then recreated at the base of the single tentacle I sculpted to ensure they matched up during the casting process. This also meant I only had to sculpt one tentacle to fit all.


I then moulded both with fibreglass, two-part mould for the tentacle and for the face piece the lifecast was made into a collapsible core with an injection tube. The moulds were then run with foam latex, one injection and one handfill. The tentacle mould was run with armature wires baked in with the foam latex so each tentacle is fully poseable. I then seamed all the pieces with Bondo. The latex bald cap is also made from scratch. The eye pieces were hand-painted with acrylic inks and sealed with lacquer. The tentacles were attached to the face piece with Copydex and Bondo as well as using a male to female system with metal tubing inserted in the back of the face piece to accommodate the ends of the armature wire protruding from the base of the tentacles. All appliances and skin were painted with a mix of hand-painted PAX and acrylic inks with an airbrush. This was my first ever prosthetic makeup and I'm still very proud of it.

Davy Jones: Latex & polyfoam face + 20 individual latex skin tentacles

This is my entry into Cinema Makeup School's Next Level of Cosplay scholarship competition 2017. The whole thing is self applied.

I sculpted the face with a template system in mind, creating two different sizes of template to accommodate two different sizes of tentacles, which I sculpted separately to allow for easier moulding. I used two different sizes of coins for the templates embedded into the sculpture to ensure consistency of template size when translating this into my tentacle sculpts.

These were all moulded in layers of silicone with jackets of fibreglass, using plasti-shim for the walls of the moulds, which is cut to size and silicone glue is used to stick to the first layer of silicone. Plasti-shim is a plastic shim designed by Andrew Sinclair specifically for mouldmaking purposes. I chose silicone as a soft material to help to allow easy de-moulding of the latex skins. I choose fibreglass for the shells because I needed the moulds to also be sturdy and reusable to allow for multiple casting. The silicone had to be gently cut down the seam with a razor blade and the fibreglass had to be sanded thoroughly for safety of use.

I cast everything with latex skins and filled the face with soft polyfoam. I filled tentacles with pillow stuffing and wires to make them fully poseable. I cast and seamed about 20 tentacles in total, and used them for individually applied extras underneath the facial prosthetic, and I also made the hand using a latex glove blended with the tentacles.

All of these were blended with bondo. Everything was painted with acrylics, acrylic ink through an airbrush and alcohol activated palettes.


Self portrait: Severed Head

This was a 4 week project conducted on the Advanced Lab Techniques class at Cinema Makeup School, LA. Each of our heads had to convey the story of how we "died". I wanted to challenge myself to a lifelike paintjob so I went for "fresh out of the drop basket, beheaded for crimes against the crown".

The process involved open mouth lifecasting with Body Double silicone then a clay pour and correction sculpting including resculpting the eyes open with eye forms placed for moulding process, sculpting a tongue and recreating skin texture. The moulding process used epoxy resin and fibreglass. Plat-Gel 10 silicone was pre-pigmented a fatty yellow base colour and cast in thin brush-on layers, then later reinforced with cotton fibre and polyfoam. The silicone surface was painted with silicone paints (individually mixed with oil paints). A synthetic wig was custom dyed and glued on, with an inch of hairline punched all around. Eyebrows and eyelashes were individually punched with human hair. Eye forms were hand painted including laying fine cotton fibre veins and were capped with acrylic.

I enjoyed the whole process thoroughly as it was my first time equipping many of the techniques here, particularly silicone painting and hair punching. I plan on casting another one soon and comparing the finished paint and hair jobs with the original to measure improvement. Will definitely use different hair for the eyebrows next time!

Character Makeup Final

I took the Character 1 month class at Cinema Makeup School. We learned out-of-kit old age techniques, facial hair laying, bald caps and trauma/injuries.

Our final task was to create a character employing as many of these techniques as we could to create an out-of-kit character in 2 and a half hours on fellow classmates. My assigned classmate had thick natural curly blonde hair so I designed a look that would look as fitting and natural as possible with her existing appearance.

The final result is that I transformed a 19 year old female into a 45 year old male who spends a lot of time surfing in hot Floridian sun. I equipped old age stipple, an individually laid chopped crepe wool beard with a mix of blonde and grey, latex sunburn and alcohol paints. I also used bondo to create fake 3D moles.

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